Resale Homes

Ten years ago, pre-construction home could save you a ton of money, unfortunately, those days are gone. Most builders price condos and homes at anticipated future market value. This means a potential buyer will be paying what the builder thinks the home will be worth when it is completed and occupied. In addition, resale homes tend to be in established neighbourhoods, which can give an accurate sense of what the community will be like to live in. From existing infrastructure, schools and businesses serving the area, you can paint an accurate picture with some diligence. School districts, shopping centres and churches are all there already. There is usually no construction, enhancing the quiet atmosphere. Not to mention the additional costs when buying new construction vs resale including window coverings, eavestrophing, appliances, mature landscaping.

Benefits of Buying Resale

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Why using for resale homes is a must

Anticipate future value

As well, an existing community will have a record of sales performance that can be tracked through historical data. This allows you to better determine value when deciding location and which home to purchase.

The old saying, “they don’t make them like they used to” can cut both ways: Many older homes have been built to last with sturdy materials and fine workmanship, but newer homes can take advantage of advances in materials technology and construction standards.

Unlock hidden potential

Buying an older home that requires some TLC can allow you to unlock some of the hidden potential of that home, whether it be for use and functionality or value down the road.

Get the features you may not want to splurge on

Extra features are often included in resale homes, items such as: air conditioning, finished basements, hardwood floors, eavestrophing, blinds and drapes, landscaping, decks and patios and even appliances which would cost extra in a new construction.


As a third party, can ensure that you can get the best possible price. Not to mention with resale homes there is generally a better opportunity for negotiating. Closing dates, price and chattels included or excluded can all be negotiated to better suit your needs.

Shorter times to close

When applying for a mortgage, lenders cannot usually guarantee rates past 120 days. Since the majority of resale properties close in a shorter time frame it is easier for a buyer purchasing a resale to lock into a rate, than a new construction who would generally have to reapply for their mortgage rate.