New Home Construction

As a purchaser of a new home, you will have the opportunity to make select custom finishes, from a range of options, to your home. New home construction often happens in suburban areas that are underdeveloped, therefore can offer more in terms of living space and property size. New home purchases come with a warranty. Coverage by province, but typically protect you against delayed closings, defects in construction, basement foundation and much more.

Benefits of Buying New

Energy efficiency

Home efficiency in new homes is generally superior to resale/older homes. With all the newer technologies in the home you generally have more efficient glass, insulation, and heating and cooling systems over older resale homes.

Time to build

Since most home builders require longer closing periods of 6 months to 1 and 1/2 years from the date of purchase, in today’s market, many buyers will have increased the value of their home prior to closing on the property. *Please note that as the market can change frequently, this may not be the case for your property.


Tarion New Home Warranty is in place for all newly constructed homes. If there happens to be any problems with your new home, it’s covered by the Tarion warranty, which ensures that builders abide by provincial construction standards and protects consumers if the builders fail to fulfill their warranty obligations. This will cover most deficiencies you find in your home, which in turn, may keep your maintenance and/or repairs costs lower in the first few years of ownership.

Longer time to build, leaves time to save money

Since most new homes have a longer closing period form the time of purchase. Buyers often use the time to save extra money. This can be put towards a down payment on the mortgage, pay for extra upgrades or help in purchasing new furniture or appliances for the home.

Why using for new home construction is a must

Streamline the building process

With years of experience working with new home builders in the Greater Ottawa Area, see why a streamlined building process is in your best interest:

Get the best possible deal

Don’t be mistaken the salespersons at new home centers work for the builder and the builder only, they are trying to get the most amount of money for the builder. works for you and looks out for your best interests. Although price is sometimes hard to negotiate with builders, there are many other ways to get the, so called, “little extras.” will always have your best interests at heart. Giving you insight and advice on first hand experiences with all new home builders in the Ottawa area.

Get the best comparisons

Prepare a Cost Evaluation of Price Per Sq. Ft for all builders that offer a similar product that suit your needs. This will ensure that you will know what all the builders have to offer and allow you to make the most knowledgeable decision. Let do the research and put your mind at ease, you just make the final decision. With the most recent sales data that will give you the best opportunity to negotiate the price.


Don’t make the mistake of not hiring a professional Realtor® to look out for your best interests in the transaction. As a third party, can ensure that you can get the best possible price. Whether it’s a price reduction or showroom bonus, will have your back in this transaction when dealing with all builders. Hire a professional negotiator in

Market evaluations & insights can provide you with a market evaluation, comparing New Real Estate with/vs Resale Homes. This will help you to evaluate the money you are spending. You can then make the best possible decision, New Home vs Resale Home.

Inspection strategy can provide you the best inspection strategy. When dealing with new builders, most buyers will often not hire a certified home inspector for the multiple inspection points in the building process. Not only will he make sure that you have the right amount of inspections, will also accompany you to all your inspections to ensure you have a professional eye to catch potential deficiencies.

Free to you

A Realtor’s expertise is free to you. The builder typically pays’s commission.

Getting started is easy

It is very easy to get swept up in all the excitement of touring a model home. It is important to have talk you back down to reality to ensure that the new home really suits all your needs. New home builders also require you to sign in the first time you enter the sales site but when working with a Realtor® they must be present with you at sign in. So make sure is with you to ensure you don’t loose the opportunity to have someone representing you.